Friday, 24 December 2010

AirMediaPlayer v1.06

AirMediaPlayer v1.06
RELEASED: 12/23/2010
CREATED BY: [See About]



  1. that's really really really awesome!!
    great respect to guys who made this:)

  2. i get an error..bonjour error..but i installed it and even tried to open iTunes at the same time?

    80040154 error code.

  3. @techker

    Please ensure that you have installed the latest Quicktime, .NET framework, itunes(

    I also recommend installing a codec pack such as k-lite just to ensure full compatibility.

    please make sure that the bonjour service is running; (windows+R)>services.msc>bonjour>automatic

    Hope this works!

  4. Please try out new version to see if error patched!

  5. I have exact the same problem als techker, 80040154 error code.
    And I installed the latest versions of Quicktime, .NET framework, Itunes en Bonjour. The Bonjour service is running.
    With version 1.0.7 I get exact the same problem.

    Could anybody help?

  6. Please could you define;
    What OS you are on?
    iTunes version?
    Have you got any firewalls on etc?
    Have you got network discovery enabled?


  7. OS: Windows Vista, Service Pack 2.
    I have got a standard Windows-firewall, but disabled it after the problems with Airmedia.

    When I want to start AirMediaPlayer, the following text appears:
    "An error occured during intialization. Cannot find Bonjour. Please install Bonjour. If you have already installed Bonjour, try uninstalling it and the reinstalling it again."

    I reinstalled Bonjour, but it didn't work :(

  8. Do you have UAC enabled?
    U may need to run the program with admin rights.
    Try running in compatibility mode?

    Is this a 64bit install?

  9. UAC is enabled, running with admin rights don't work. Also compatibility mode don't work. It's a 32bit install.

    What would be the solution!?

  10. Could you try running it sandboxed?
    Maybe redownload it, possible file error...

    Otherwise all I can suggest is clean install.
    I think it's miscompatibility with software on your machine.

  11. I have tge same problem than Thijs, help please

  12. @kiqe
    Please could you try the updated version?

  13. Same bonjour error here with version 7, latest itunes, quicktime and bonjour running. Running 32 bit windows 7

  14. Same problem here:
    error 80040154 retrieving com class {BEEB932A-8D4A-4619-AEFE-A836F988B221}

    ITUNES v10.4.1.10
    WinXp x86

  15. Same problem here

    Windows 7
    Latest iTunes, quicktime, bonjour and so on. Tried reinstall of bonjour to no avail...

    error 80040154 retrieving com class {BEEB932A-8D4A-4619-AEFE-A836F988B221

  16. @AntonLovegreen

    Really sorry to hear that you are having problems!
    Unfortunately this blog has fallen into disrepair due to my own fault and real word circumstance!

    I will be launching a new blog with a group of particularly clued up people soon and I will be sure to redirect this page to the new site!

    AND YES we have a potential fix that has seemed to work for a good series of people, problem stemming from the way that iTunes installs!

    Hopefully see you soon at my new site :) eta Jan!