Sunday, 26 December 2010

UPDATE: AirMediaPlayer v1.07

Well Surprise Surprise, recently I did some scouring on the web to try and find the source to further the now discontinued AirMediaPlayer project :(...Only to my surprise to discover that they posted another version of the application shortly before the discontinuation...bringing some actually quite nice features and a bug fix or two, primarily: Photo Slideshow support

##FURTHER REPORT - NEW "Sideshow feature" WORKING

Well here's a link
AirMediaPlayer v1.07

[mirror] active in 24hours

Let me know how you get on in your comments below! I'll give it a go myself in the morning!

Note back:
Just so people know there is "now" a working prefer windows media player option (K-lite for best playback)


  1. Now to complete it with the audio capabilities.

  2. It's getting so close to full htpc/apple tv immersion!

  3. How to stream music from iPhone4 iPod application to airmediaplayer without jailbreak?

  4. Did you get this to work? I can start the application without errors, but my iPad won't find it as to connecto to via AirPlay. I also have an AppleTV und here, AirPlay works great...

  5. it says "scrubbing to location 00:04" and nothing happens

  6. Sorry long time to reply...

    @Harish it is impossible to do that due to limitations in the airplay protocol and the way it is being implemented in this method...For proof and further explanation look at:

    This seemed to work out of the box for me...which firmware is on your ipad? Which app are you trying to send video from (I recommend airvideoenabler to be installed if you are jail-broken)

    try restarting the software and re-airplaying the video, the software is temperamental...
    please comment back if you get it to work...Maybe try a older version? That has apparently worked with a few people...

  7. YouTube app and some embedded youtube videos in Twitter or Safari work but I can't seem to get AirVideo to send anything to AirMediaPlayer even with AirPlayEnabler installed. It hangs on "loading movie" and hasn't worked once.

    iPad 4.2.1 jailbroken with AirVideoEnabler installed...

  8. @Alex Sebenski
    That's weird, I achieved that recently...
    May I ask the file you are trying to send's format?
    Also what resolution are you using?

    Airvideo to any airplay device ATM is very dicey, I myself have only really used it to stream some DVDrips (avi) and they seemed to work after enough "back scrubbing" (pushing play position forward and then to start again) and mashing of the play button! Something that will break it too is a Notification, if it does then you need to exit app and clear save state from the multi task bar...

    Best of luck and please do post back!

  9. My computer is running at 1920x1080. I've tried a whole bunch of AirVideo files, convesion and even mp4s that dont need converting that are low and high quality.
    Back scrubbing and mashing play didnt seem to help. It still sticks at "loading video." Eventually AirMediaPlayer just crashes after hanging for long enough.
    At the moment Im testing AirMediaPlayer on the PC that hosts the AirVideo server but I planned to use AirMediaPlayer on other computers if possible. Maybe the loopback is causing problems?
    Any other applications that you suggest using with AirVideo? Im really just playing around with it now seeing how useful it is and event considering an Apple TV someday.

  10. I've only tested with loop back...
    I trust you have firewall etc down and the typical? (updated .net etc?)

    I bought an apple tv in the end and I really recommend it, so worth it, can be a little sketchy at times with sending video to it but for £100 I can't see any device that gets even close to it in the same way.

    Check out FireCore for aTV Black
    GreenPoison for 4.2.1 should come out of beta soon so this should prompt some more developments!

  11. @Alex

    I haven't tried this but maybe you could try with Ubuntu's One? Apparently it works on aTV2 so maybe it will work with AirMediaPlayer?

    via iPhone/iPad of course!

  12. In regards to the An error occured during intialization. Cannot find Bonjour." Message.
    Found a solution that worked for me.
    A user named Morac over @ pointed out "the Bonjour included with iTunes doesn't install the required DLLs by default (dnssd.dll and dnssdX.dll in the windows\system32 directory) and as such the program won't work..."
    Sure enough, I checked and my system (win7x64) only had one of those DLLs in the directory. I downloaded the x64-iTunes installer and extracted the Bonjour installer. I removed my version of Bonjour and then reinstalled it with the now-stand-alone installer previously mentioned. The named DLL's were now both in the system32 directory and running AirMediaPlayer worked without a problem. Not 60 seconds ago I 'AirPlayed' my first youtube video from my phone.
    Hope this helps everyone getting the same error.

    1. Verified. Great solution. Worked perfect for me. Used 7zip to pull Bonjour installer from Itunes64Setup.exe. Installed and runs perfect now. Thanks!

    2. This solution worked greate. Now if only Air Stream would work properly with youtube in IOS 5.


  13. Did you find the source to that nice tool yet?